P.E.I. pastor helping to supply water in Bahamas

More than a month after Hurricane Dorian, a P.E.I. pastor is in the Bahamas helping to distribute water there.

People collecting water in 19-litre jugs

Aaron Reimer is helping with water distribution in Marsh Harbour, Bahamas. (Island Wesleyan Church/Facebook)

More than a month after Hurricane Dorian, a P.E.I. pastor is in the Bahamas helping to distribute water there.

Aaron Reimer, with the Island Wesleyan Church in Hampton, is currently in Marsh Harbour in the Abaco Islands volunteering with World Hope International. He's part of a team that's distributing clean water and helping with water filtration.

Damage from Hurricane Dorian is still evident around Marsh Harbour. (Island Wesleyan Church/Facebook)

"People drive in the cars that they can drive into the site with five gallon [19 litres] water jugs. Some of them will show up with one or two or five or 10," said Reimer.

"We'll be filling them up either with chlorinated wash water or reverse-osmosis filtered water that is for drinking. We have to ask them is this for drink or for wash, and make sure that they understand that they're not supposed to drink the wash water. They're still very much concerned about contaminants in that."

Reimer said he is still seeing downed power lines that haven't been fixed and homes that still don't have roofs.

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