Back Alley Music owner says shop won't skip a beat during move

Back Alley Music is moving from where it's been located for over a decade to a space better suited to a live music audience.

Store remaining open until it relocates to 257 Queen St. in January

Back Alley Music in Charlottetown is changing locations and will be able to provide a more fan-friendly space for live shows. (Robyn Miller/CBC)

Back Alley Music is moving from where it's been located for over a decade to a space better suited to a live music audience.

Pat Deighan, the owner for the past seven years, says he and his wife Meghann have been looking to own their own space for a while, and when the building at 257 Queen St. was listed they jumped at the opportunity.

Deighan says one of the reasons he wanted to own his own space was to have more freedom with changes like renovations. (Submitted by Pat Deighan)

"It gives you a bit more control over renovations, or what you want to do with the space. So that really kind of drew us in," he said.

Deighan said renovations started at the beginning of November and he hopes to have a grand opening on Jan. 10. 

Excited for new space, location

Deighan said the space — located between Euston and Fitzroy streets — will allow for a better audience experience when the store hosts live musical acts.

"It's laid out as one, longer, bigger room, more so than our current location," Deighan said.

"We are setting up a spot where we will have a designated stage.... it will be a better sightline for everyone in the new location to see."

Pat Deighan, owner of Back Alley Music, says the renovations at the new location started at the beginning of November. (Submitted by Pat Deighan)

Deighan grew up in Charlottetown and is looking forward to the store's new beginning.

"I fully believe in downtown Charlottetown, and I feel like we've got a great spot in a great part of town and the town's only growing," he said. 

"We feel very confident and we're excited about the new move and where we're at in Charlottetown."

Musical fruit?

Deighan also said another addition to the shop will be a take-out counter that will be open seven days a week.

Claudia Deagle, owner of the La Sazon de Mexico stand from the Charlottetown Farmers Market, will be offering food starting in February, but she will also continue serving market patrons each week.

"We've always loved the idea of Back Alley having food incorporated into it somehow," Deighan said.

"When we met Claudia and had her food, and her energy's amazing, so yeah it was just a great fit."

With files from Laura Chapin