Anti-abortion rally in Charlottetown kicks off legislative sitting

About 100 people — including one heckler — gathered at noon in front of the Coles Building in Charlottetown for a rally against abortion organized by Campaign Life Coalition.

Protestors want P.E.I. to stop providing abortions out-of-province

An anti-abortion rally today in Charlotteown drew about 100 people.

6 years ago
An anti-abortion rally today in Charlotteown drew about 100 people. 1:09

About 100 people gathered Thursday at noon in front of the Coles Building in Charlottetown — the temporary home of the P.E.I. Legislative Assembly — for a rally against abortion, organized by Campaign Life Coalition.

The group would like the province to stop supporting access to abortion in Moncton, something it announced back in June. 

About 100 protestors gathered by the legislature Thursday. (Jessica Doria-Brown/CBC)

"There's a very small number of people who actually want this change, so we're here on the first day the leg resumes to say that isn't the case, Islanders don't want this," said Alissa Golob with Campaign Life Coalition.

"We have a large majority of people and this is just the beginning, to kind of combat that very small push."

Prince Edward Island is the only province in Canada where legal abortions are not performed. 

In June, the province announced Island women would be able to have abortions at a hospital in Moncton starting July 1, and they'd be able to book the appointment themselves, without needing a doctor's referral.

The group also wants chemical and medical abortions banned outright on the Island. 

The Coalition presented a petition to MLA James Aylward, with what it says are 3.000 signatures of Islanders who oppose abortion.

Aylward accepted the petition and said he'll table it in the legislature.

Organizers say an increasing number of young Islanders are joining the pro-life movement.

The rally drew boos from one person.


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