Anonymous love letters appearing in Islanders' mailboxes

A handful of Islanders are walking into surprises at work: anonymous love letters. The handwritten notes thank them for the work they do to make P.E.I. and Canada a better and more inclusive place.

Cards from an anonymous sender recognize people's work in the community

Brittany Jakubiec is one of the handful of Islanders who have received anonymous letters at work. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

Someone has been spreading love around P.E.I.

A handful of Islanders have come to work over the past two weeks to find a pleasant surprise: anonymous love letters. 

The handwritten notes thank the individual for the work they're doing, telling them P.E.I. is a better place because of their efforts. 

The return address on the envelope is "anonymous," and the notes are signed "love, anon." 

One of the cards arrived at Brittany Jakubiec's workplace this week. 

The policy analyst for child and family services in P.E.I. was initially just surprised that someone went to the trouble of sending her a physical letter, but when she opened it, she said she was even more shocked by the anonymous note. 

"Immediately I felt … a little bit of shock, like shocked that someone would think of me, and think enough of me to send me an anonymous thank you letter," she said. 

Jakubiec said the note made her day. 

MacCallum says her note lives on her desk at work, reminding her how important her work is. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

"When I read it the first time I smiled quite openly and kind of like a geeky way in my office," she said. "Just like, wow someone thinks this about me you know someone is seeing the work that I'm doing and I felt extremely happy and thankful."

Ash Arsenault received one of the notes about a week ago.  

"It just kind of warms my heart," he said. "The fact that somebody took the time out of their day to send me this note to kind of put a smile on my face was just really sweet. I was very humbled and it was very heartwarming." 

Michelle MacCallum, director of cultural development for the province also was greeted by a card at work last week.  

"It feels good. I go to work every day knowing that I'm doing my best to help people … but a lot of that work is unseen and there's not a lot of awards that are given for the type of work I do," said MacCallum.

"It was really nice. And the fact that it was an anonymous piece is that it could be from anyone. So, that was just such a lovely feeling. It was kind of like P.E.I loves you, that's what it felt like," she said.

Suspicions but sender unknown

While recipients of the letters may have their suspicions about who's behind it, none of them can say for sure.  

"If I were to think about who it might be coming from, maybe a community organization or someone working at a community organization," said Jakubiec. "However, it could just be some person out there sending letters randomly. I'm really not sure." 

Others don't want to ruin the mystery.  

Jakubiec says receiving this note made her day. (Travis Kingdon/CBC News)

"I honestly don't want to know. I think that it's nice that it's a surprise … whoever sent it made an effort for it to be anonymous so they don't want me to know who it was," said MacCallum

CBC News reached out to several community organizations, asking if they were involved, but none admitted having anything to do with the letters.

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