From P.E.I. with love: ADL donates 1,800 cans of milk to N.S. food bank

A massive donation of milk and potatoes from P.E.I., has put the folks at Glace Bay Food Bank in Cape Breton, N.S., in the holiday spirit. 

'This is like totally amazing, so nobody has to go without milk this year'

The Glace Bay Food Bank holds an annual milk drive. (Glace Bay Food Bank Society/Facebook)

A massive donation of milk and potatoes from P.E.I. has put the folks at Glace Bay Food Bank in Cape Breton, N.S., in the holiday spirit. 

A recent news story about the food bank's need for donations caught the attention of one Amalgamated Dairies Limited employee in P.E.I., said Michelle Kalbhenn, co-ordinator with the food bank. 

Kalbhenn said shortly after seeing the story, the ADL employee approached their boss to see if a donation toward the food bank's annual milk drive could be arranged. 

"This is like totally amazing. So nobody has to go without milk this year. I don't have any fear of running out," Kalbhenn said. 

"It just keeps getting better and better every year."

They hadn't imagined the end result would be a donation of 1,800 cans of Dairy Isle evaporated milk.

Along with 1,800 cans of milk, the food bank also received 75 bags of potatoes from Compton Brothers Inc. (Glace Bay Food Bank Society/Facebook)

In addition, 75 bags of potatoes — weighing about 23 kilograms or 50 pounds each — have also been donated to the food bank from Compton Brothers Inc., in Morell, P.E.I.

Kalbhenn said the donations are a wonderful surprise that will go a long way. 

"So that's something like, that I would not have to buy now for at least six months," Kalbhenn said. 

"So I can concentrate on buying like other things like meat, or I can get them hamburger, or I can get a little chicken for them."

ADL products are sold in Cape Breton, but Compton Brothers' potatoes are not.

ADL officials said they hope to be part of the milk drive next year as well. 

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With files from Angela Walker


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