Sit or squat: Stratford benches provide exercise instructions for trail walkers

The Town of Stratford has added instructions for 18 full-body exercises to nine benches along a popular stretch of trail.

Town erects workout signs beside 9 benches to encourage fitness

The signs have stick figures to demonstrate how to do each exercise. (Town of Stratford)

Benches in Stratford aren't just for sitting anymore.

The town has added instructions for 18 full-body exercises to nine benches along a popular stretch of trail.

Five of the benches run along Shakespeare Drive, one at Stratford Town Centre, two at the "Y" in the trail just off of Shakespeare and Heron drives, and one on the trail near Glen Stewart Drive and Reactive Wellness. 

The area was selected because of its ease of accessibility and high volume of active transportation users, Coun. Steve Gallant said in a news release.

"They are just about providing residents the opportunity to have fitness options and making fitness friendly for all." 

Coun. Steve Gallant says the signs are about 'making fitness friendly for all.' (Town of Stratford)

The nine benches each have two workouts on signs mounted next to the benches. The signs have stick figures demonstrating the positioning. 

The workouts and images were selected in consultation with Allison St. Pierre from Reactive Wellness in Stratford.

Funding for this project was provided through the provincial wellness grant.

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