Passing a school bus nets Summerside man $2,000 fine

A 24-year-old man from Summerside was fined $2,000 for passing a school bus, say RCMP.

'Drivers need to understand the gravity of what happening here,' say RCMP

RCMP say a 24-year-old Summerside man was found guilty of passing a school bus and fined $2,000. (CBC)

A 24-year-old driver from Summerside was fined $2,000 for passing a school bus, said RCMP.

The man was found guilty in P.E.I. provincial court Monday, police said in a statement released Tuesday.

According to police, the man passed a school bus that was stopped with red flashing lights and a stop sign "clearly displayed" on Lower Malpeque Road in West Royalty.

An unmarked Queens District RCMP vehicle happened to be following the man when he passed the school bus, police said.

"The passing of a school bus is inexcusable," said Queens District Commander Staff Sgt. Mark Crowther in the statement.

"This is about the safety of our children and drivers need to understand the gravity of what happening here. Drivers failing to stop in these situations put our children's lives in danger."

RCMP are asking motorists to report incidents of drivers passing a school bus.


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