Sunny skies and calm waters a welcome start to P.E.I.'s spring lobster season

After strong winds delayed the opening of the P.E.I. spring lobster fishing season for several days, crews were finally able to take to the waters Friday.

'I've been waiting all winter'

Setting day was full steam ahead Friday after the opening of the lobster season was delayed several days because of strong winds. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

After strong winds delayed the opening of the P.E.I. spring lobster fishing season for several days, crews were finally able to take to the waters Friday.

"Today was gorgeous. Beautiful day, prime weather. Everything went real good," said Covehead fisherman Matthew Misener.

Setting day was originally scheduled for Monday, April 29, but the Department of Fisheries and Oceans delayed the opening because of high winds.

What followed would be further delays throughout the week until DFO announced the opening of the season would take place Friday.

"I've been waiting all winter for this, so it was really good to get out there," Misener said.

"We had a few windows where we could have went. It's not the same case for all the harbours across the Island but it was a good call. This was the best day so far this week."

'Comes down to people's lives'

Bryce Coady is a first mate that fishes out of Covehead. He said he's also grateful to finally be out on the water.

"It comes down to people's lives, so it sucks you got to wait a few extra days but I mean it was well worth it when you get weather like this," he said.

Bryce Coady, a fisherman out of Covehead, said crews 'couldn't ask for anything better' on the first day of the fishing season, with calm waters and sunny skies. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

Fishermen at Covehead are especially grateful for smooth sailing. Last year, crews got stuck on sandbars fishing out of Covehead Harbour and Hardy's Channel.

"There's enough water for us this year, which is nice because we had a lot of issues last year with it and it cost a lot of people some money, banging up their boats," Coady said.

As for today, he said the crews "couldn't ask for anything better."

Keeping traditions alive

His sister Alyssa Coady works on the same boat. She said she's looking forward to keeping her family's tradition of fishing out of Covehead Harbour alive. 

A fishing crew loads up their boat with traps for several runs Friday. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

"My grandfather started and he came down here when he was 14 years old. So it just continued from there, generation from generation and here I am and hopefully my son will do it someday," Alyssa said.

"It means a lot to me and family in the past and hopefully in the future."

The Coady family said they're hoping the upcoming season brings big catches. They plan to have their first feed of lobster Saturday morning.

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