P.E.I.'s Lucy the duck, 5 ducklings trek to new home

High drama in Charlottetown Monday afternoon as Lucy the duck was on the move with her brood.

Lucy, who nested, hatched babies at Charlottetown garden store, granted police escort across University Avenue

Lucy duck and ducklings on the move

8 years ago
Duration 4:47
Mama duck Lucy, who nested and hatched her five ducklings in a local garden centre, heads with the family their permanent home ... With much fanfare and a police escort

High drama in Charlottetown Monday afternoon as Lucy the duck — who made headlines in P.E.I. earlier this month for taking up residence at the Atlantic Superstore Garden Centre on University Avenue for the sixth year in a row — was on the move with her brood.

Lucy got her ducks in a row and she, along with her five fuzzy ducklings, trekked from the garden centre, through the plaza parking lot on their way to a more permanent water home.

Mom waited patiently when a couple of ducklings had problems negotiating a curb. (CBC)
A couple of the youngsters hit a roadblock as they tried to negotiate a curb before reaching University Avenue, but eventually everyone made it up and across the road.

One little duckling, who trailed his mother and siblings most of the way, had to take several breaks. According to a Superstore employee, the baby had hatched only about half an hour before the trip.

The family had lots of encouragement from onlookers and — as befits such an event — a police escort.

The black duck family will take up residence in a pond across the road.

Mama duck and her ducklings safely across University Avenue. (Laura Meader/CBC)


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