P.E.I. Liberals continue to draw biggest donations

For at least the fourth year in a row the P.E.I. Liberal Party brought in more donations last year than all other political parties combined.

Liberals collect $2.1M in political donations since 2011

For at least the fourth year in a row the P.E.I. Liberal Party brought in more donations in 2014 than all other political parties combined.

The numbers are revealed in the list of political contributions for 2014 recently released by Elections PEI.

Party 2014 2011-14
Political donations
Liberal $522,114 $2,149,354
PC $286,582 $953,111
NDP $31,644 $134,157
Green $2,300 $11,960
Island $0 $9,292

The Liberals top the list with more than half a million dollars in donations, with the Progressive Conservatives second with just under $300,000.

The NDP and Greens fell well behind that.

Those totals don't include fundraising from the early months of 2015, when the parties were ramping up efforts in advance of the provincial election. Those figures will be released next year.

Overall, the Liberals have raised $2.1 million in political contributions since 2011. All the other parties combined raised $1.1 million over the same period.

Since 2011 Elections PEI has required parties submit a fundraising total along with their list of individuals who donated more than $250.


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