P.E.I. highway traffic deaths in 2015

With 18 fatalities recorded, 2015 is one of the deadliest of the last nine years on P.E.I. highways.

18 people have died in P.E.I. highway accidents in 2015

A 67-year-old woman died in an accident in Central Bedeque Oct. 9. (RCMP)

With 18 fatalities recorded, 2015 is one of the deadliest of the last nine years on P.E.I. highways.

While 21 people have died on P.E.I. highways this year, three of those deaths have been deemed not due to driving-related causes, according to the province.

Most of the fatal accidents have occurred since June, with September being the worst month so far.

Six died in September, more than in all of 2014, when there were five fatalities.

In 2011, 18 people were killed. In 2008, 19 people were killed.


Jan. 9: Commercial Cross 2-car collision leaves one woman dead


March 23: One dead in storm related crash

March 27: Hazel Grove man dies after Friday farm tractor rollover


April 25: Tignish crash kills one man, speed and alcohol suspected


May 14: One person dead after 2-vehicle crash near Confederation Bridge

May 14: 2nd fatality in another P.E.I. highway accident


June 8: Summerside man dead after motorcycle car crash near Springfield

June 26: Mount Stewart man dead after head on collision in Bristol


Aug. 27: Fatal truck accident in Stanley Bridge

Aug. 30: Single vehicle crash in Stanhope leaves Ontario man dead


Sept. 18: Greenvale crash kills 2 people

Sept. 24: Queens County highway crash results in death of two men

Sept. 27: St. Peter and St. Paul crash kills 1 man from Prince County

Sept. 29: Portage motorcycle crash leaves one man dead


Oct. 8: Woman killed in two-vehicle crash on Route 25

Oct. 9: Central Bedeque crash leaves 67-year-old woman dead

Oct. 24: Fatal crash in Tryon


Dec. 7 P.E.I. highway accident leaves 59-year-old woman dead

Dec. 9 Newton crash leaves 31-year-old woman dead


  • A previous version of this story said 2015 is so far the deadliest year on P.E.I. highways of the past nine years. The total of 21 deaths on the roads includes three that were not due to driving-related causes. The province was able to confirm three deaths of that nature in 2015, but was not able to provide comparable numbers for previous years.
    Dec 10, 2015 3:18 PM AT


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