P.E.I. e-cigarette, vaping restrictions begin Sept. 1

New restrictions on e-cigarettes and vaping products will go into affect on P.E.I. Sept. 1.

Public to be consulted on flavoured tobacco issue

New restrictions on e-cigarettes and vaping products will go into affect on P.E.I. Sept. 1. 

Beginning on that date, e-cigarettes will be banned in the same places as regular cigarettes.

"The labels on these devices does not necessarily reflect what actually is contained in the juice that's used in the electronic device," said provincial environmental health manager Joe Bradley.

According to Bradley the health effects of e-cigarettes are unclear. "It's really unknown. When any product is heated there's a chemical change, and we're not really sure," he said.

By Oct. 1, the provincial government plans to restrict advertising and visibility of vaping products. Stores will be required to place them behind a barrier like tobacco products.

Health Canada says it has not approved any e-cigarettes with nicotine for sale. 

"A company would have to provide evidence of safety, quality and effectiveness in order to have its product authorized. Without this scientific evidence, Health Canada continues to advise Canadians, especially youth, against the use of these products," said a spokesperson for the Public Health Agency. 

The federal Standing Committee on Health made recommendations concerning electronic cigarettes and related substances to Health Canada. The department says it is considering the recommendations. 

New flavoured tobacco restrictions under consideration

The decision on whether government will move forward on a proposed ban of flavoured tobacco products has not been made, said Bradley. 

"What the changes to the legislation have allowed is the province could regulate the sale of flavoured tobacco products in regulation," he said. 

"What the department is proposing to do is to go out to public consultation, give the public opportunity to respond what they feel the restriction should look like."

The consultations may take take place in September.

Bradley said it'll likely be early 2016 before any possible changes are made.


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