No tax break for firefighters says Premier

P.E.I. Opposition leader Olive Crane says the Liberals failed to keep a promise to provincial firefighters.

P.E.I.'s Opposition leader is pressing the province's government to implement tax breaks for firefighters.

Olive Crane says the Robert Ghiz and his Liberal government failed to keep its promise to provincial firefighters.

The government voted last fall for an opposition amendment that forced Finance Minister Wes Sheridan to strongly consider a tax credit for firefighters.

Last week, however, Sheridan did not mention it in his budget.

In the legislature on Friday, Ghiz said he can't afford the tax break right now.

"This year is a time of restraint. We had choices to make this year," he said, adding that "our choices were to put money into healthcare and to education. That is something that we're interested in. But you can only do so much at any given time."

The provincial government already offers firefighters free vehicle registration and license renewals.

Ghiz said if he is re-elected in the fall, he will look at the tax credit in the following budget.