No reports of Islanders injured in marathon bombing

There are no reports of Islanders injured after the bombings at the Boston Marathon Monday.

19 from P.E.I. registered to run Boston Marathon

There are no reports of Islanders injured after the bombing at the Boston Marathon on Monday. 

Two bombs exploded near the finish line, killing three people and injuring 140.

Nineteen Islanders were registered to run in the marathon. Many also had family and friends along the race course.

Kim Bailey was running her seventh Boston Marathon. She said she knew something was wrong when the runners ahead of her stopped moving.

"I was just running, listening to my music and I had no idea anything was going on until the runners ahead of me were basically at an impasse."

She first thought there was a medical emergency on the course, that maybe one of the runners had suffered a heart attack.

But then Bailey said she could tell it was much more from the reaction of people around her.

Runner will return

"There were a lot of people crying, calling loved ones and wanting to know what was going on."

Bailey said store owners along the route came out to bring the runners water and a spectator gave her a coat to keep warm.

Race officials directed the runners around the finish line to an alternate route. Bailey finished the course and was back at her hotel before the true horror of the situation hit. Bailey said if she had not added a few extra minutes along the course she could have been at the finish line when the bombs went off.   

"If I hadn't of stopped at the porta potty a couple of times, if I hadn't stopped at the water stops, I could have been right in the middle of it, you know, so it's that, so thankful."

Another Island runner, Jennie Orr, made it across the finish line and moved away from the area when the explosions hit.

"I was pretty sore from the marathon so I was glad to have my aunt with [me]. I just, I came all the way to run this race and I don't know if I'll come back next year."

But Bailey said, as long as she can qualify, she will will continue to run the Boston Marathon.

"The saddest thing would be if people started to succumb to the fear."