P.E.I. NDP leader calls for farm tax credit for food donations

The leader of the NDP on P.E.I. says more should be done to help eliminate poverty and food insecurity.

Mike Redmond glad for universal income support, but doesn't believe it will get anywhere

NDP Leader Mike Redmond says the province needs a farm tax credit like one in place in Nova Scotia. (CBC )

The leader of the NDP on P.E.I. says more should be done to help eliminate poverty and food insecurity — and he has has a few ideas.

Mike Redmond said Tuesday that Islanders are very generous during Christmas, making donations to places like food banks.

Yet many Island families continue to struggle to make ends meet, he said.

Redmond, who does not have a seat in the Legislature, said there are ways government, businesses and people can help.

Plastic-bag tax

For example, he said, Nova Scotia has introduced a farm tax credit. In return for giving to food banks, farmers get a tax credit equal to 25 per cent of the fair market value of the donation.

He'd also like to see a universal breakfast and lunch program on P.E.I., and a tax on plastic bags.

Redmond said it's great there was unanimous support in the Legislature for a guaranteed income pilot project. But he's doubtful it will get off the ground when Ottawa and the provinces can't even agree on a health-care accord.