Community centre, parking lot in plans for Muslim Society of P.E.I.

The Muslim Society of P.E.I. has decided what it will do with land it purchased in September.

Parking has become an 'urgent' need for the growing Muslim community

The prayer room in Masjid Dar As-Salam mosque in Charlottetown. (John Robertson/CBC)

The Muslim Society of P.E.I has plans to install a parking lot and a community centre on land it purchased in September.

The land is located behind the Masjid Dar As-Salam, the Charlottetown mosque, and is about 2,700 square metres.

Alhadi Abusneena, the president of the Muslim Society of P.E.I., said ideas for the space were discussed at a meeting on Saturday. 

He said parking in particular was an urgent need, as the Muslim community continues to grow on the Island.

"When we have gatherings or we have Friday prayer … you speak about more than 200, 300 people there, so the traffic is unsafe," he said. 

1,000 members and growing

Abusneena said 100 parking stalls will be created, with construction set to begin this April or May. 

A community centre is also in the works with plans to be built in the next year or two. 

Abusneena said it will include a prayer room, a hall and a space for children, and everyone will be welcome to use the space. 

President of the Muslim Society of P.E.I. Alhadi Abusneena (left) says the Muslim community is growing quickly. He credits the growth to the increase in newcomers and refugees moving to the Island. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

Abusneena said since he moved to the Island four years ago, the community has grown quickly and the mosque has more than 1,000 members.

"When I'm arriving here … the society is not like now. The need is not urgent like now," he said.

"Before, you speak about hundreds, now you speak about thousands."

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