More tampered P.E.I. potatoes found in N.S. and Newfoundland

Tampered potatoes from P.E.I. have reached other parts of Atlantic Canada.

One case reported in Nova Scotia, and two cases reported in Newfoundland

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency says Linkletter Farms Ltd. of Summerside, P.E.I., issued a voluntary recall of bags of Link, Market Town Co-op and Carr's blue and brown stripe potatoes, when a two-inch needle was found in this potato. (Bruce Budgell)

Tampered potatoes from P.E.I. have reached other parts of Atlantic Canada.

Over the last few days, police received three reports of tampered potatoes, one in Neil's Harbour, Nova Scotia, one in Musgrave Harbour, Newfoundland and one in Chance Cove, Newfoundland.

All the potatoes contained a metal object. 

Police believe the potatoes originated from Linkletter Farms in P.E.I.

In all three of the most recent instances, the foreign metal objects were discovered prior to consumption and no one was injured.

With the latest reports, this makes five reports so far of metal objects found in potatoes packaged at Linkletter Farms.

All the tampered potatoes were on a voluntary recall list issued by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, October 7.

Potatoes from Linkletter Farms are sold throughout Atlantic Canada. RCMP is asking that if anyone finds any metal objects in a potato to not throw out the potato, metal object or the bag from which it was purchased.

If a tampered potato is found, the East Prince, P.E.I. RCMP are asking people to phone them at (902) 436-9300 so they can obtain it.