Holland College in Summerside gets new medical clinic

Holland College Summerside now has a new nurse practitioner clinic, for students without family doctors or having a hard time getting medical care.

Nurse practitioner clinic for those without doctors, or having trouble getting medical care

The Summerside Waterfront Campus will be home to The Joyce Family Centre for Academic Support. (

Holland College students in Summerside without a family doctor will now have more access to medical attention.

The college has built a new nurse practitioner clinic, something that has been available at the Charlottetown campus for two years.

It's a benefit for students who may not know where to go for medical help, according to student union president Amanda Myers.

"Students who were coming from away didn't know where to get it, or didn't know how to get it, so they opened one in Charlottetown and it was so successful we've decided to open one in Summerside as well," said Myers.

The nurse practitioner, as well as a licensed practical nurse, will be available at least one afternoon a week on the campus.

"It's exclusively for students, so if they can't get to a clinic in time or they don't have a family doctor, that's what he's there for and I'm really excited about it," said Myers.

"A big part of my campaign for the election last year was mental health, so having someone on campus that students can go to if they're struggling with anything is really, really important to me."

The clinic is near the fitness facility on the Holland College Summerside campus.