Maritime Bus calls this most challenging season yet

The president of Maritime Bus says this has been the most challenging storm season he has ever faced.

Mike Cassidy of Maritime Bus says Sunday afternoon was a nightmare

Mike Cassidy says blizzard conditions have posed many challenges. (CBC)

The president of Maritime Bus says this has been the most challenging storm season he has ever faced.

Mike Cassidy said he has been involved in the transportation industry in one form or another on P.E.I. since the 1980's and he has never seen anything like this year.

He said it's particularly challenging for a bus service that runs between all three Maritime provinces, sometimes with very different weather patterns and road conditions.

"Yesterday was a nightmare for Maritime Bus," said Cassidy. "In Halifax we were all set to go and New Brunswick was open for us, but we couldn't even get across the Confederation Bridge."

Cassidy said the company had to tell 70 passengers in Halifax Sunday afternoon that they would not be travelling to P.E.I. They were asked to go back home and try again another day.

"Number one if you are in the passenger business, you do not want to have equipment, buses and passengers stranded on the road. Yesterday afternoon, last night, there were hundreds of cars on the other side of the Confederation Bridge New Brunswick side, waiting to get across. We don't want that." 

Cassidy said blizzard conditions and heavy snowfalls have been making it difficult for transportation crews to clear the highways.

He said the safety of passengers has to come first when making a decision about cancellations and delays. 


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