Love it or hate it? Islanders weigh in on wonky winter weather

If there's one thing Islanders have an opinion on, it's the weather.

It's up, it's down, there's ice but not much snow. You either love it, or you hate it

Do you love or hate the mild winter P.E.I. has been having this year? (Nicole Williams/CBC)

If there's one thing Islanders have an opinion on, it's the weather.

This year's winter has proven to be a wonky one, with temperatures rising above 0 degrees one day to plummeting below freezing the next.

CBC P.E.I. took to the streets of Charlottetown to ask Islanders one question about this up and down winter: Do you love it, or hate it?

Edith McKenzie: 'Can't beat it'

Edith McKenzie, who's responsible for shovelling at her household is praising this year's lack of snow. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

"I love that there's not too much snow, hasn't been too much cold, easy to get around, great walking, can't beat it," said Edith Mackenzie, who's responsible for doing the shovelling in her household. 

"Some years it's too much."

Rachelle Belair and Earlene McKinnon-Gray: Divided

"I love winter," said Rachelle Belair.

 "I hate winter no matter what the weather is," her friend Earlene McKinnon-Gray said.

Originally from Quebec, Belair said she's used to cold, snowy winters and enjoys them.

"I love winter. I always have. I think it's part of being Canadian. I love being out, but I'll just dress myself for it," she said.

Rachelle Belair (right) and Earlene McKinnon-Gray may be good friends but they don't agree on Belair's love of winter. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

As for the swinging temperatures P.E.I. has experienced this winter, Belair said she's disappointed.

"This winter is not much of a winter. It's a little disappointing weather wise because it's up and down and it gets too mild and I don't think that's healthy."

But mild or cold, nothing about winter impresses McKinnon-Gray.

"Most winters it's just the length. I call the beginning of February to the end of March 'Farch' and I say 'I'm farching'"

Brandon Bernard: 'I can't stand it'

Brandon Bernard makes his opinion of winter clear. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

Brandon Bernard said he hates the fluctuating temperatures.

"I can't stand it," he said. "It's up and down all the time, and especially when it's up and down, being outside every day just sucks.

"Florida. We need Florida weather."

Chaz Flower: 'Different'

Chaz Flower, originally from the U.K., was nothing but smiles when asked about Canadian winters. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

Chaz Flower is originally from the U.K. and says he enjoys Canadian winters because of how different they are from back home.

"You don't know what you're going to get. Every day's a different day."

He loves snow the most.

"This year's not so good and it's cold."

Pat Doyle: 'Not a fan'

Pat Doyle says he's not a fan of winter so far. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

For Pat Doyle, snow in the winter is always better than none.

"I just don't like the up and down. I find it kind of hard to prepare for," he said.

"Not a fan."

Angela Yang: Ice cream in winter

Freezing temperatures aren't stopping Angela Yang, visiting from Halifax for the first time, from enjoying a Cow's ice cream cone. (Nicole Williams/CBC)

Angela Yang was visiting Charlottetown from Halifax and was licking a Cow's ice cream cone.

Yang said she enjoys winter but hasn't done as many winter activities this year as she normally does.

When asked about having an ice cream on a cold, winter day, Yang said, "Yeah it's funny."