Lighthouse loses its champion

The woman who looked after the Warren Cove Front Range lighthouse on P.E.I. says she can no longer do the work to keep the lighthouse protected.

Woman who protected Warren Cove Front Range Lighthouse can no longer do the work

A P.E.I. lighthouse that had been adopted by a local community group is once again at risk.

Gena Yeo had been trying to protect the Warren Cove Front Range Lighthouse, at the entrance of Charlottetown Harbour, but she can no longer work to protect it.

"I've had a lot of health issues," said Yeo. "I'm able to go to work and to look after my family but besides that I'm not in a position right now to take on anything else and this would be a big responsibility."

There are about 40 lighthouses on P.E.I. listed as surplus by the Canadian Coast Guard. All but three of those lighthouses had community groups step forward to take charge of them in order to have them remain available to the public.

Yeo had organized a petition that was circulated in the community. She said no one else who signed the petition wanted to take on more responsibility to protect the lighthouse.

"There's legal issues, there's insurance issues, things of that nature that you just don't think about at the beginning," said Yeo. "I feel like I let them down, you know it really upsets me."