How the hot days are starting to weigh on an Island landscaping business

A P.E.I. landscaping company says the hot weather has become a challenge for its workers, and for maintaining lawns.

'We haven't cut much grass in the last couple of weeks'

Mark Tremere, owner of Lawns & Beyond, says several workers have had heat exhaustion and missed days, even though they are working shorter days and taking regular breaks. (Submitted by Mark Tremere)

A P.E.I. landscaping company says the hot weather has become a challenge for its workers and for maintaining lawns. 

Mark Tremere, owner of Lawns & Beyond, said he can't remember so many hot days in a row — and that weather is taking a toll on workers.

"The guys are getting pretty frustrated and beat down day after day," he said. 

"So we've been stopping early, about 3:30 each day, give or take, and trying to save some energy for the next day."

'Isn't much grass to mow'

Tremere says grass has gone dormant on many properties and weeds are taking over. (Submitted by Mark Tremere)

Tremere's company does a range of lawn and garden services but because of the dry conditions, he said there isn't much grass to mow lately.  

"We haven't cut much grass in the last couple of weeks," he said. 

"Lawns have all gone dormant and the weeds are loving it, they're all growing fast," said Tremere, adding many lawns are looking beige in colour and many plants are drying out. 

He said they plant a lot of annual flower beds and though they're managing, it's tougher to get them established without moisture.

Change in mentality with watering

Tremere said the culture has changed with the way people view watering lawns and gardens.

Many people are choosing not to use sprinklers to water their lawns or gardens, especially since Charlottetown has required everyone to install water meters. 

"The water meters in Charlottetown have changed people's thoughts on that ... you need to water a lot to make any difference." 

He said when it comes to watering, it depends on the individual. 

'Hours are down'

Mark Tremere, shown with his kids, says most days are too hot to work a full day. He says workers are trying to start earlier and end by 3 p.m. (Submitted by Mark Tremere)

Tremere said most households and companies accept that these are unusual conditions for landscaping, but the warm weather is also affecting workers' livelihoods.

"Hours are down, people are not making as much money," he said.

Tremere said his company is trying to adapt to these weather conditions but without a sprinkler system it will be difficult to have a lush beautiful lawn. 

"There's no magic fix in this kind of environment," he said. 

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