Laura Meader

Laura Meader is a video journalist for CBC P.E.I.

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'It just doesn't happen to people my age': Meet a 33-year-old heart attack survivor

33-year-old Rob Diamond says he thought he was too young to have a heart attack but looking back, all the signs were there.

Cardigan riding: 4 contenders try to unseat a 31-year political veteran

Liberal candidate Lawrence MacAulay has held the Caridgan riding for almost 31 years, 4 other candidates are going up against him this federal election.

'Rents have just gone sky high': Cardigan candidates, voters weigh in on housing crisis

Housing shortages, rising prices and low vacancy rates have been tough on many Islanders — and not just in Charlottetown. CBC News looks at the housing issue in the federal riding of Cardigan.

How a craft group helped a P.E.I. man finish his mother's quilt

Stan Gordon's mother Bessie Gordon died in 1978, leaving behind an unfinished quilt that she had started years before. An Island crafting group has recently helped Stan Gordon finish his mother's quilt that was 60 years in the making.

P.E.I. food companies scramble during power outage

Power outages have made it tough on those in food-related industries.

'A lot of concerned residents': Alberton P.E.I. mayor worries about ER closures

The mayor of Alberton, P.E.I. is concerned about recent closures of the emergency department at the Western Hospital. Health PEI says staff shortages are to blame but that the situation should improve with some recent hires.

P.E.I. couple overwhelmed by demolition costs after fire destroys home

A Charlottetown couple whose home was destroyed by fire say they're overwhelmed by the costs involved to clean up their property.

Some Island pharmacies struggling to find technicians to hire

The P.E.I. Pharmacists Association can't put an exact number on the shortage but says it's heard from a number of pharmacies that can't find anyone to hire. 

Radiology wait times expected to improve, says Health PEI

Health PEI says wait times for radiology services are longer than they've been in the past due to a shortage of radiologists and other staff.

Stratford, P.E.I., hopes to end its smelly problem soon

Stratford, P.E.I., continues to struggle with strong odours from its sewage lagoon located near the Hillsborough Bridge, but hopes to soon fix the problem permanently.

Woman in wheelchair says indoor playland discriminated against her

A 22-year-old Summerside woman says she feels discriminated against after her experience at an indoor playland.

Dutch Inn, UPEI come to agreement to rent rooms to students in 'win-win situation'

UPEI has a new option for students looking for a place to live during the school year.

From fish plant worker to nurse: A UPEI valedictorian's story

Marie Antoinette Pangan came to P.E.I. as a temporary foreign worker, working at fish plants, a hotel, and a fast food restaurant. She will be valedictorian at one of UPEI's convocation ceremonies.

Student worker program renewed for farms after 'very successful' 1st year

A student work program that aims to get more young people working on farms and help with ongoing labour shortages will run again this year. 

How one man is honouring his mom by giving back to immigrants

A P.E.I. man originally from Nigeria is donating some proceeds from his business to help immigrants. Funds will be raised through clothing sales and pop up parties.