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Provincial Affairs Reporter

Kerry Campbell is the provincial affairs reporter for CBC P.E.I., covering politics and the provincial legislature.

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Former bookkeeper sentenced to 2 years in prison for defrauding clients

A Charlottetown man who pleaded guilty to defrauding two companies was sentenced in P.E.I. Supreme Court Thursday to two years in prison.

Committee flexes subpoena power, prepares to probe missing P.E.I. government emails

A special committee of the P.E.I. legislature struck to probe the issue of missing emails is sending a shot across government’s bow, warning senior bureaucrats they’ll face a subpoena if they don’t promptly respond to requests for documents.

Committee to review P.E.I.'s back-to-school plan

MLAs on P.E.I.’s Standing Committee on Education and Economic Growth want top education officials to answer some questions about the province’s back-to-school plan.

Man suing province for millions seeks to have P.E.I. deputy minister named in contempt action

The man seeking a contempt ruling against the P.E.I. government over access to documents is now seeking a specific ruling of contempt naming the province’s deputy minister of economic growth, Erin McGrath-Gaudet.

P.E.I. needs more 'bang for your buck' in emissions reductions, MLAs say

MLAs developing a plan to help P.E.I. reach its emissions reduction target say they need better information from the government on how money is being spent to achieve that goal.

Opposition calls for overhaul of P.E.I.'s plan to increase high-speed internet access

A $2 million pool of government funding meant to improve access to high speed internet in rural P.E.I. sat largely untouched last year, one of several factors prompting the Official Opposition to call for an overhaul of the province’s current internet plan.

CERB clawback leaves some with no income for half of June, says P.E.I. Opposition

P.E.I.’s Opposition leader Peter Bevan-Baker said a federal clawback of Canada emergency response benefits will leave some Islanders without a source of income for the second half of June. But he also said the CERB could provide the basis for the basic income guarantee pilot program his party has been calling for.

Immigration at a 'standstill,' compounding P.E.I.'s economic woes

P.E.I.'s population growth is expected to fall by 80 per cent due to pandemic restrictions halting new immigrants.

As N.B., N.S. discuss opening to the whole country, P.E.I. has cold feet

The premier of New Brunswick says the Atlantic provinces are planning to open up to the rest of Canada as early as this July. But P.E.I.'s premier says he's not ready to have that discussion yet.

P.E.I. government 'deliberately withheld' information on missing emails, commissioner rules

P.E.I.’s privacy commissioner has weighed in on another batch of missing emails which, according to the two people who asked for them through multiple freedom-of-information requests, are related to the provincial government’s e-gaming affair.

P.E.I. Opposition raises concerns about Island's PPE stockpile

The Official Opposition raised concerns in the P.E.I. Legislature Friday over the province’s supply of personal protective equipment — in particular, the supply for dentists and other private businesses and health-care providers.

Bill to expand emergency cabinet powers gets rough ride in P.E.I. Legislature

A bill that would give Premier Dennis King’s cabinet the power to suspend or alter provincial laws during a state of emergency faced stiff opposition in the P.E.I. Legislature Thursday.

After hours (and years) of debate, P.E.I. MLAs vote to end evening sittings

Eleven years after the move was recommended as part of a suite of changes meant to increase the number of women in the P.E.I. legislature, Island MLAs voted 17-8 Wednesday to end evening sittings.

P.E.I. Opposition makes case for defunding police

Official Opposition leader Peter Bevan-Baker made a pitch during debate in the P.E.I. Legislature Tuesday for his province to join in discussions taking place across North America about defunding police services.

Some families upset as plans to celebrate P.E.I.'s 2020 grads unveiled

As an extraordinary school year winds to a close, some graduates from P.E.I.’s class of 2020 and their families found out Monday what their graduation ceremonies will look like this year.