Katerina Georgieva

Katerina Georgieva is a multi-platform journalist with CBC Windsor. She has also worked for CBC in Charlottetown, Toronto and Winnipeg.

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This program matches employers with people with disabilities. Does it work?

It's been roughly one year since Kevin McShan was hired as an ambassador and regional spokesperson for Windsor's Discover Ability Network — and he says it's making an impact.

'Not all families are the same': How to make Father's Day more inclusive

While Father's Day and Mother's Day tend to traditionally be "gendered" holidays — a leader in Windsor's transgender community says there's a way to celebrate these days with a greater spirit of inclusivity, in a way that's mindful of gender identity. 

'This isn't the end': Ontario boxer to rest and keep fighting after disappointing loss

Ontario boxer Steve Rolls says he's upset he wasn't able to bring home the win he'd been hoping for during a major boxing match Saturday night — but he wants people to know he's not going anywhere.

Windsor's 'sober bar' in a secure position thanks to funding from Hôtel-Dieu Grace

When the owner of the Spiritual Soldiers Coffee Compound first heard that Hôtel-Dieu Grace Healthcare wanted to sponsor his coffee shop — also known as Windsor's 'Sober Bar' — he was speechless. 

Ontario boxer looks to make his mark in big fight against 'one of the greats'

It's a fight that could change his life. Boxer Steve Rolls started his career in Chatham, Ont., but now he's gearing up to square off against a former world champion on Saturday at Madison Square Garden in New York City.

Family donates accessible van to Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario

Assisted Living Southwestern Ontario just got the keys to a second-hand accessible van donated by a family in Windsor. 

High water levels, erosion shut down Tremblay Beach Conservation Area

Tremblay Beach Conservation Area is closed until further notice, the Essex Region Conservation Authority announces.

Chatham-Kent photographer off to Colorado for GoPro Mountain Games

Chatham-Kent photographer Kyle Wicks is gearing up to go to Vail, Colo. next week for the GoPro Mountain Games — and he says the opportunity is the culmination of years of work.

'Once in a lifetime': Leamington Fire chief attends Garden Party at Buckingham Palace

Top hats, fascinators, and royal guests. Leamington Fire Chief Andrew Baird says he was proud to represent Leamington at a Garden Party at Buckingham Palace Wednesday.

Windsor's Active Transportation Master Plan is ready to go to council for approval

It's been a long time in the making, but Windsor's Active Transportation Master Plan is now available online for everyone to see.

Multiple overdoses at Sarnia Jail send inmates and officers to hospital

Emergency officials responded to multiple overdoses at the Sarnia Jail on Friday.

W.E. Trans to start offering its own in-house counselling services

The organization's executive director says members of the Queer and Transgender community have a challenging time finding counselling options that are supportive of their identities, so this new model is intended to help fill that gap.

A strange mother's day surprise for one mum: a car on fire

Christine Margaritis returned to her home in Tecumseh Sunday evening following a day of Mother's Day celebrations when she noticed something unusual in her backyard: a car on fire.

Lyme Disease risk areas are up from last year: Public Health Ontario

Estimated risk areas for Lyme disease in Ontario — and Windsor-Essex — have expanded this year compared to 2018, according to new data from Public Health Ontario. 

Windsor busker says serious crimes and meaner streets moving panhandlers out

When tarot reader and busker Andrew Nellis first moved to Windsor from Ottawa five years ago, he said he was delighted by the warmth from people on the city's streets, the smiles they would give him as they walked by — but he says the city has become more hostile.