Katerina Georgieva

Katerina Georgieva is a multi-platform journalist with CBC Toronto. She has also worked for CBC in Windsor, Charlottetown, and Winnipeg.

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How some businesses are using AI to make sure customers are wearing masks

As masks become mandatory indoors in Toronto to fight the spread of COVID-19, and other parts of the GTA look to follow suit, some businesses are turning to artificial intelligence to make sure customers are following the rules.

What it's like for a Tecumseh man living in a retirement home during COVID-19

A 92-year-old Tecumseh man in a retirement home is doing his best to stay positive while self-isolating without visitors, amid COVID-19 restrictions. 

All commercial flights in and out of Windsor International Airport suspended

The Windsor International Airport has announced that all commercial flights to YQG have been suspended by its servicing airline partners as of end of day Wednesday. 

Delaware Nation at Moraviantown is closing off community to battle COVID-19

Delaware Nation at Moraviantown is closing off its community in an effort to protect members from the spread of COVID-19.

Should golf courses be open during a pandemic?

Spring is usually the time of year when golfers grab their clubs and head to the links. But things are different this year with COVID-19 measures shutting down non-essential businesses and all outdoor recreational amenities.

What does COVID-19 mean for your civil liberties? Watchdog group on alert

When it comes to enforcing self-isolation rules during the COVID-19 outbreak, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said nothing that could help is "off the table" — but a civil liberties watchdog is on guard to make sure democracy is not compromised in the process.

Windsor homeless shelters struggling to social distance during COVID-19

Homeless shelters in Windsor are hoping to expand their space and adjust their services in an effort to comply with best practices during the COVID-19 pandemic — while still helping the city's vulnerable.

Husband furious he's no longer allowed to visit wife at long-term care home

When Dan Chabot went to visit his wife Susan at her long-term care home facility in South Woodslee Saturday morning, he was stunned to be told he was not allowed inside the building. 

Belly dancing class helps seniors find their inner Shakira

For seniors in Chatham-Kent, there's a place for them to get some exercise — and get empowered, through a weekly belly dancing class in Blenheim.

U.S. soldier's ex-wife says Trump's comments on traumatic brain injuries are harmful

When U.S. President Donald Trump seemed to downplay traumatic brain injuries (TBI) sustained by American troops in an Iranian missile strike, University of Windsor assistant professor and former military spouse Kate Kemplin knew she needed to speak out.

Chickens help Windsor-Essex's GreenerBins Farm grow, accelerating composting process 'like crazy'

A year and a half after a Windsor environmentalist launched his GreenerBins Composting Company, business is thriving and expanding — and now, it even involves a hen house full of chickens.

How a Ridgetown teacher is part of the fight to preserve the Lunaapeew language

For the people of Delaware Nation in southwestern Ontario, Lunaapeew is more than just their language — it is integral to who they are as people, and with only a handful of proficient speakers left, there's a push to pass it on to the next generation.

UWindsor and St. Clair College helping students displaced by Westcourt Place fire

Nearly one month since the Westcourt Place fire in Windsor forced more than 200 residents out of their homes, St. Clair College and the University of Windsor have been helping students who have been displaced. 

Students in southwestern Ontario are singing 'O Canada' in Ojibway

While most schools across the country begin their days with the singing of the national anthem in English or French, some students in southwestern Ontario are learning the anthem a different way. 

Stray pup found cuddling kittens on a cold night in Chatham

It was a cold, snowy November night when a stray dog was found cuddling a litter of five kittens on the side of a county road in Chatham, Ont. Ever since, they've been getting international attention.