Just Passing Through web series ready to launch season 2

P.E.I.-based webseries Just Passing Through is gearing up for a second season. This time Terry and Parnell Gallant are back in P.E.I., and they're bringing their cousin Owen Stevens with them.

'It doesn't take long for the adventures to start,' says actor Dennis Trainer

In season 2 of Just Passing Through, Terry and Parnell Gallant, played by Dennis Trainor and Robbie Moses, bring their cousin Owen back to P.E.I. (Just Passing Through/Facebook)

P.E.I.-based webseries Just Passing Through is gearing up for a second season.

This time Terry and Parnell Gallant are back in P.E.I., and they're bringing their cousin Owen Stevens with them.

"They get him back to his birth land and the adventures start from there," writer, producer and co-creator Jason Larter told Mainstreet P.E.I.'s Karen Mair.

"And it doesn't take long for the adventures to start," added actor Dennis Trainor, who plays Terry Gallant in the show.

In the first season, Terry and Parnell make a trip over the bridge for the first time in hopes of making it rich in Alberta, but their car breaks down in Ontario, so they move in with their cousin in Toronto.

"The undercurrent of the show is you've got this family, and as we know family can be very dynamic, very dysfunctional," said Trainor.

"I think anyone from a small town can relate — it's not just Islanders," said Larter.

Trainor said he had a brush with his newfound fame at Toronto's Eatons Centre when he stopped by a kiosk to get his phone fixed.

"'I said, 'My phone is dying, can you help out me out here?' and he says 'I sure can, Terry,' and he slides me a smart phone and just says, 'Take that,'" he said.

Parnell, left, and Terry Gallant head back to P.E.I. to find some new adventures. (Just Passing Through/Facebook)

Larter and Trainor revealed a few of the adventures the Gallant brothers will get up to in the second season.

Terry and Parnell will get their pogey cut off, and go on a beer strike in protest. The second season will also introduce several new characters.

"Granny Gallant will make her first appearance, and she's filthy," said Larter.

"Oh, you watch out! Watch out!" said Trainor.

A preview of the second season shows a speed dating event in their fictional P.E.I. town.

The first season was funded by the Independent Production Fund (IPF) and Innovation P.E.I., but Innovation P.E.I. wasn't involved with the second season so the team raised $55,000 through fans on Kickstarter to make the project happen.

"The fans are the total heartbeat of this whole story," said Trainor.

The entire second season will be screened at the P.E.I. Brewing Company on Jan. 27, 29 and 30 — and it will launch online on Jan. 31.


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