Island MLAs to get a 1.5 per cent salary bump in 2020

Prince Edward Island MLAs will see their salaries increase by 1.5 per cent in April, as recommended by the P.E.I. Indemnities and Allowances Commission.

Commission's recommendations come into effect Apr. 1, 2020

(Kerry Campbell/CBC News)

Prince Edward Island MLAs are getting a raise.

The recommended increase is included in the latest report from the P.E.I. Indemnities and Allowances Commission. Under law the pay recommendations of the commission are binding.

As a result, backbench MLAs will see their salaries increase by nearly $1,100, reaching $74,394.

Salaries for cabinet ministers and the leader of the Opposition will increase by almost $1,900, hitting $126,381.

And Island premier Dennis King will see his salary increase by nearly $2,300, reaching $155,191.

Extra top-up for third party house leader

The commission's 2019 report includes a special bonus for the third party house leader, a position currently occupied by Liberal MLA Heath MacDonald.

Under the previous formula, that position included a top-up equal to 25 per cent of the bonus provided to the MLA serving as the government house leader.

However, the commission noted that meant the third party house leader earned less than the third party whip.

The top-up is increasing to 33 per cent of the additional salary provided to the government house leader, netting MacDonald an additional $1,173 on top of the increase in his base salary.

In making its determination the commission considered salaries for MLAs in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, inflation and economic growth in P.E.I., and two public submissions.

One submission called for MLA salaries to be commensurate with experience. In the other subsmission, the Union of Public Sector Employees said annual MLA salary increases are necessary to keep up with the cost of living.

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  • This story previously incorrectly identified the third party house leader as Robert Henderson. It is, in fact, Heath MacDonald.
    Dec 05, 2019 10:13 AM AT


Kerry Campbell

Provincial Affairs Reporter

Kerry Campbell is the provincial affairs reporter for CBC P.E.I., covering politics and the provincial legislature.


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