Guaranteed livable income plan possible, Ghiz confirms

Premier Robert Ghiz says he'd like to see P.E.I. become the site of a pilot project for a guaranteed livable income.

Premier would like to see P.E.I. as centre of pilot project

P.E.I. Premier Robert Ghiz says he doesn't expect he will discuss the idea of a guaranteed livable income with the current federal government. (CBC)
Premier Robert Ghiz says he'd like to see P.E.I. become the site of a pilot project for a guaranteed livable income in Canada.

The idea has been brought up by various community groups, but this is the first endorsement by the provincial government.

Ghiz said the money wouldn't be provided to everyone, but designated for those in need.

"It's really to help out the vulnerable in society. Those people that need it so they're able to meet their basic needs," said Ghiz.

"So, you know, I think there needs to be some education around it, there needs to be more research on it. Obviously, we always have our deputy committees that are looking at different social policies and this is something that I know we are exploring, but there is no formal process in place."

The province hasn't decided yet whether to study the issue in more detail, said Ghiz.

That's something independent Progressive Conservative MLA Olive Crane asked the premier to do Thursday during question period.

She told the legislature that many Islanders are struggling financially.

"I'm sure every one of us in this House know of some senior that has actually shut heat off in every room of their house, with the exception perhaps of their bedroom, to try and keep the heat in their home," said Crane.

Although Ghiz said he doesn't expect to talk about it with the current federal government, he says he would like to bring up the idea if and when federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau becomes prime minister.

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