Fishermen vote in favour of lobster levy

P.E.I. lobster fishermen have voted in favour of a 1 cent per pound levy on lobster.

Fishermen's Association calls it 'a great day'

President of the P.E.I. Fishermen's Association, Craig Avery (PEIFA)

P.E.I. lobster fishermen have voted in favour of a one cent a pound levy on their catches to create a marketing fund.

The vote was conducted in the last week of October.  

P.E.I. Fishermen’s Association president Craig Avery announced Thursday 69.4 per cent voted in favour of a levy.

"I'm quite excited about it," said Avery. I'm really excited that fishermen supported marketing initiatives to promote lobster. And I think it's going to be great. I think it's a great day for the PEI Fishermen's Association and the fishermen on PEI." 

Avery notes about half of the 1,200 association members voted.

He said the next move is to meet with local associations and work out details on forming a marketing board to put legislation in place to collect the levy.  

Low prices have plagued the Island lobster industry for years. The levy was recommended by the Maritime Lobster Panel, which was convened to come up with solutions.

The money raised by fishermen would be matched by lobster processors, and is expected to raise more than $500,000 a year on the Island.