CBC P.E.I. First Person FAQ

Want to share your personal story with CBC Prince Edward Island? Here's how.

Want to share your personal story with CBC News P.E.I.? Here's how

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If you're interested in writing a First Person story for CBC P.E.I., you can send a pitch summarizing your submission to for our editors to review. (Credit: Getty Images)

What are First Person stories?

The First Person section features personal stories and experiences of Islanders or those with a strong connection to P.E.I. — in their own words. It's intended as a more intimate storytelling perspective, a way to allow Islanders to share what they've lived through, and a platform for voices we might not hear every day.

What can I write about?

Anything, as long as the story has a strong and compelling personal narrative. Subjects tied closely to the news or current events are always helpful.

We are looking particularly for personal stories that reflect contemporary P.E.I. and encompass experiences from outside Charlottetown. We want to hear from people with disabilities; from Black, Indigenous and other people of colour; from the LGBTQ+ community; and from diverse socioeconomic perspectives.

Do I have to be a professional writer?

No! First-time contributors are always welcome and can often have new insight on a topic. You don't have to be a professional writer, but you should have an interesting personal narrative with details that can sustain 500 to 600 words. Pitches must be original work that has not been published elsewhere.

Do I have to use my real name?

Yes, and we will be asking you for a photo of yourself as well. CBC News has an obligation to be transparent with our audience about who writes the pieces we publish. We can on occasion grant anonymity in exceptional circumstances in which the author's safety is in jeopardy. However, such requests require the approval of a senior manager.

What's the difference between First Person, Analysis and Opinion?

A First Person article is about something specific that happened to the author. It should be a compelling narrative that readers may relate to because they, too, have experienced something similar or because they are learning something through a new perspective. 

Opinion columns develop and showcase a wide range of commentary to give the audience access to competing ideas and perspectives which complement CBC News coverage, and provide additional insight. These contributors are not involved in CBC News coverage.

Analysis pieces are written by CBC News journalists who bring their own experiences, knowledge and insight to provide additional context to a news story. 

How can I send in a submission? 

If you're interested in writing a First Person story for CBC P.E.I., please send a pitch summarizing your submission to for our editors to review. It's helpful if you can include a suggested headline to help focus your submission. An editor will contact you if CBC P.E.I. wants to pursue commissioning your story.