Federal election 2015: Voter complains of problems at Elections Canada polling station

A P.E.I. man is complaining he ran into trouble at an Elections Canada polling station despite bringing the proper identification with him.

Summerside man had to argue with Elections Canada staff to vote

A P.E.I. man is complaining he ran into trouble at an Elections Canada polling station despite bringing the proper identification with him.

Billy Mackendrick went to vote by special ballot in Summerside on Friday, but was told the e-bill he wanted to use as a second piece of identification wasn't valid.

It's not like a privilege. It's a right to vote.- Billy Mackendrick

He said he almost wasn't allowed to vote and was told he would have to prove his identity another way, like presenting a paper version of the bill or have a witness confirm who he was.

The Elections Canada website says it accepts e-statements or e-invoices as a form of ID if it's printed out or on a mobile device.

Mackendrick was eventually allowed to vote, but he is worried if others aren't given clear instructions on how to cast a ballot they may decide not to.

"The people that are working in elections offices should be qualified and know exactly what is needed. It should be something very easy to do," said Mackendrick.

"It's not like a privilege. It's a right to vote in Canada and if somebody wants to vote, there should be all access to make it the simplest process as possible."

Francoise Enguehard, regional spokeswoman for Elections Canada, said she's sorry the process wasn't easier for Mackendrick, but she can't comment further on his particular case.

Enguehard said she's confident that Elections Canada staff are trained and have all the information voters need.


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