Island Hill Farms voted one of most-loved small businesses in Canada

Island Hill Farm in Hampshire, P.E.I. was named one Canada's four most-loved small businesses in a social media campaign.

Promotional video shows what farm's small business is all about

Island Hill Farm in Hampshire, P.E.I. was named one Canada's four most-loved small businesses in a social media campaign. 

The campaign, SmallBizLove was launched by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business to mark small business week. 

Farm owner Flory Sanderson says she is thrilled with the win. 

Sanderson said the promotional video made by CFIB captures what the business is all about. 

"Find out what you're good at. Whatever you're good at, explore with that and find out all the different things. I found out I was good at goats and people so I connected those things together to grow with that." 

Sanderson received a congratulatory note from the province thanking her for being such a great ambassador for P.E.I. agriculture. 

There were hundreds of small businesses nominated when the campaign was launched in June. 

Each mention a business received on Twitter and Instagram was counted over a two-week period. 

 CFIB P.E.I director Erin McGrath-Gaudet says Island Hill Farm got some of the biggest attention.

"Anybody that's been to Island Hill Farm, you know myself included, can tell you what an awesome place it is, and for me it's not a surprise that it got a lot of love," said McGrath-Gaudet. 

"But P.E.I. is such a small business friendly kind of place in the sense that we do support our neighbours and we do go out there and show our love of small business."

The other winners of the SmallBizLove campaign were a Winnipeg chocolatier, tennis shop in Toronto, and a cafe in Medicine Hat, Alberta. 

Small Business Week is Oct. 18 to 24. 


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