Fall lobster prices creeping upward

There's been some upward movement in price for the fall lobster fishery on P-E-I .

P.E.I. fall lobster prices are going up and landings are good according to fishermen's group

Lee Knox, president of the Prince County Fishermen's Association is pleased lobster prices are on the rise. (CBC)

There has been some upward movement in price for the fall lobster fishery on P.E.I.

Prices in the last week have moved up to $3.50 a pound for canner size lobster and $4.00 a pound for markets, according to the president of the Prince County Fishermen's Association, Lee Knox.

 Knox said he'd like to see it higher but at least it's moving upward.

"We got some good news there this week, the price took a 25 cent hike," said Knox.

"So it's all positive I guess. Fishermen are feeling pretty good. You know we're going in the right direction there now anyway. Catches are decent and price is creeping up a little at a time."

 Knox hopes the upward trend will continue next year.

 He said catches vary from harbour to harbour, but overall they seem to be good.

The fall season ends in early October.