Elton John fans line up early to buy tickets

Tickets to see Elton John in Summerside go on sale Friday, and some fans have been in the lineup for about 24 hours.
About 15 people were lined up Wednesday night to buy Elton John tickets in Sydney that go on sale Friday morning. (CBC)
Early bird fans were lined up at Credit Union Place in Summerside Thursday morning ready to buy tickets Friday. (CBC)
Tickets to see Elton John in Summerside, P.E.I. and Sydney, Nova Scotia, go on sale Friday, and some people have been lined up for more than 24 hours, ready to buy.

Tickets go on sale at 10 a.m.  Fans started lining up at Credit Union Place in Summerside Thursday morning so they could be first in line when the box office opens.

About 175 people were waiting just after 8 a.m. Friday morning.

Many got soaked waiting in the rain Thursday afternoon. So the staff at Credit Union Place opened the convention centre to eager fans and served them coffee in an effort to keep them warm and dry.

Officials at Credit Union Place say the early bird fans are being smart, as demand for tickets will be high.

Summerside has been buzzing ever since the concert was announced earlier this week the "Rocket Man" was landing here for a concert in September. It's been reported that as many as 20,000 fans want tickets, but the arena here only holds 5,400.

Prices range from $71.50 to $155.50.

"He's worth every cent and more," said one eager fan waiting to buy her ticket.

Tickets can be purchased in person, on the phone or online at or — organizers say the best bet for tickets is to try all the options, and keep trying.

The same early lineup was seen at Centre 200 in Sydney Thursday morning.

About 15 people camped outside the box office Wednesday night.

Danielle Conrad was the first in line in Sydney, and she's been there since noon on Wednesday.

"I'm pretty excited here," said Conrad. "A bunch of us all became a little family here waiting in lineup to get our tickets. We're all sharing our treats. Got a cooler [of] cold drinks.  Everybody's doing good.  Things like washroom are a little hike up to Tim Horton's."

Conrad said she's a big Elton John fan and this is her first chance to see him perform live.

There will be 6,236 tickets for sale for the Sydney show.

John will be performing his greatest hits at the concerts — including number one hits spanning his five-decade career.