New laws protecting Island cyclists now in effect

New regulations, given the colloquial title of Ellen's Law, are now in effect.

Motorists must give 1 metre of space to cyclists, and use caution when opening their doors in traffic

Laws introduced after the death of New Brunswick cyclist Ellen Watters come into effect on P.E.I. Saturday. (Submitted by Emily Flynn)

A new law requiring motorists to allow one metre of space when passing a cyclist come into effect this weekend.

Violators are subjected to three demerit points and a $200 fine.

The law was passed by the Island's legislature in May.

An accompanying law, which forbids opening a vehicle door when it could create a hazard to cyclists or other traffic, also carries a $200 fine.

Ellen's Law

The new regulations, known as Ellen's Law, came about after the death of New Brunswick cyclist Ellen Watters.

Watters was killed in December of 2016 after she was struck by a vehicle while training in Sussex, N.B.

After her death, cycling safety advocates pushed for new laws in multiple jurisdictions, aimed at making the roads safer for cyclists. Similar laws came into effect in New Brunswick earlier this year.