'Videos, Facebook messages, Twitter': Byelection candidates going door to door and more

Candidates for the Charlottetown-Parkdale byelection are leveraging every approach they can to reach out to voters in the district.

'That door to door and that engagement ... is always going to be the best way'

PC candidate Melissa Hilton campaigns on Bishop Street in Charlottetown. (Laura Meader/CBC)

Candidates for the Charlottetown-Parkdale byelection are leveraging every approach they can to reach out to voters in the district.

But face time remains the focus for all four candidates.

"Right now I would really like to get through the district and get to as many people as possible," said PC candidate Melissa Hilton. 

"I'm speaking to individuals, hearing their concerns," she said. 

Hilton said she didn't want to reveal all her party's strategies, adding that any election is, of course, competitive in nature. 

'I want to be the residents' voice'

Liberal candidate Bob Doiron said his game plan is to get out every day and introduce himself to as many people as possible. 

"I start very early in the morning and go 'til 8 at night," he said. "I want to be the residents voice in government." 

Liberal candidate Bob Doiron speaks to a resident while going door to door. (Laura Meader/CBC)

NDP candidate Mike Redmond said his approach during the campaign will be to talk about issues through media conferences as well as the traditional one on one approach.

"My conversations are door to door, person to person," he said. 

Leader power

Green party candidate Hannah Bell is campaigning on her own as well as with the P.E.I. Green party leader. 

"We've had such an impact with having Peter Bevan-Baker there (in the legislature) that now we're saying we could have two of us," Bell said. 

Hannah Bell on the campaign trail with Green MLA and party leader Peter Bevan-Baker. (Laura Meader/CBC)

Bell said that other well-known Green party members may also join her on the trail. 

"That door to door and that engagement, conversationally is always going to be the best way."

Social media message

Although flyers in mailboxes will still be handed out by the hundreds, candidates will be depending on inboxes and online promotion too. 

"Small videos, Facebook messages, Twitter, we're going to get our message out there, " said Redmond. 

NDP candidate Mike Redmond campaigns door to door on Prince Street. (Laura Meader/CBC)

"We're doing everything we possibly can through our social media, and getting the message out there to vote PC," Hilton said.

Bell added, "We're on every platform that we can be on to let people know we're here, we're in it to win it." 

"I try to put things out on social media, we have an office set up at 78 Kensington Rd. People can drop in and voice a concern," Doiron said.

Lots of doors to knock on

There are 3,419 eligible voters in the district.

The byelection will be held on Nov. 27, with advance voting on Nov. 18, 20 and 24. 

Polling is at the Eastlink Centre at 46 Kensington Rd. 

Eligible voters can register on line or by calling Elections P.E.I. at 1-888-234-8683.