Deaf woman's service dog Milo returned after 6 months

Fredericton resident Sue Perry got the New Year's Day smooch of a lifetime when she was reunited with the service dog she lost in Ottawa in July. See the emotional reunion of Perry, who has been deaf since birth, with Milo in a YouTube video.

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Deaf woman reunited with service dog

8 years ago
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Sue Perry was reunited on New Year's Day with the service dog she lost in Ottawa last July

Fredericton resident Sue Perry got the New Year's Day smooch of a lifetime when she was reunited with the service dog she lost in Ottawa in July — thanks to a volunteer group.

Sue Perry, who is originally from Pleasant View, P.E.I., has been deaf since birth. She was living in Ottawa when Milo went missing, but recently moved to New Brunswick to live with her uncle.

Sue Perry and her dog Milo were reunited after a six-month separation (Submitted image)

Perry had enlisted the help of the Ottawa Valley Lost Pet Network from the start. Although she had all but given up hope Milo would be found, just before Christmas, one of the volunteers seemed to have spotted Milo on the SPCA website.

It turned out to be Perry’s dog, but Milo had already been adopted by another family in Gatineau, Que. Fortunately, the family agreed to give him up.

"At first it was hard to believe that somebody who lives in New Brunswick lost a dog six months ago and is claiming the dog, at first it was a silly story," said Nicolas Adam, who adopted Milo with his wife and two girls ages nine and 13.

Becky Baxter says it was worth the drive from Ottawa to Fredericton to reunite Sue Perry with Milo. (Submitted image)

"We called a family meeting, we called all of our kids and said, 'OK here’s the situation, the SPCA is asking us if we could return the dog so we could send it back to New Brunswick, to the rightful owner.' It wasn’t an easy decision but we felt it was the right thing to do."

Then came the issue of getting Milo from Ottawa to Fredericton.

A number of people donated gas money, and Becky Baxter, who saw the discussion on Facebook, made the drive with her boyfriend Kyle Turner.

Nicolas Adam, right, watches the video of Milo reuniting with his owner with his wife and two kids. (CBC)
"I volunteered that we would happily drive across the country to reunite him," said Baxter.

"It was a couple of days. It went pretty fast.”

Baxter arrived in New Brunswick about 3:30 a.m. on Jan. 1, with Milo jumping up and licking her face when they were reunited that afternoon.

As for Adam and his family, they've since adopted a new dog named Sammy.

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