Dark spiral in sky remains a mystery

A P.E.I. couple has turned to a UFO research group in Manitoba seeking a solution to the question of what they saw in the sky on Boxing Day.

Despite their best efforts, a P.E.I. couple has been unable to determine what they saw falling out of the sky on Boxing Day.

Marie Ford-Quigley and her husband watched a dark spiral descend from the clouds for more than half an hour from their home in North Tryon, just east of the Confederation Bridge. They filmed the event, but neither Environment Canada nor the Transportation Safety Board was able to identify it.

Ford-Quigley said the best explanation so far is it might have been fuel from an aircraft.

"It was total guesswork on someone's part [but] it could be a fighter jet maybe dropping fuel," she said.

"If they're in trouble they drop it and they burn it at the same time, again total speculation. That's probably the best scenario we've heard at this point."

Ford-Quigley said it will be hard to confirm the fighter jet theory. In the meantime, she's sending a video the couple shot to Ufology Research of Manitoba, a private, non-profit organization based in Winnipeg.

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  • The original link to Ufology Research of Manitoba sent readers to the wrong website. The link is now correct.
    Jan 03, 2008 11:05 AM AT