Summerside sees the return of cruise ships starting in June

The City of Summerside says the cruise ship business is on the rise, with two visits scheduled this season, the first ones in five years.

Two now scheduled to visit the port, first in five years

It won't be just Charlottetown enjoying the benefits of cruise ship tourism this year. (CBC)

The City of Summerside says the cruise ship business is on the rise, with two visits scheduled this season.

It's been five years since a cruise ship last docked in the city, but the Port of Summerside is hoping business will now grow each year.

"That's the objective," said Arnold Croken, president of the board of directors of the port. "They told us when we started to pursue this, if you get two ships within five years you'll be doing well."

Arnold Croken, president of the Port of Summerside board, says the first cruise ship arrives June 6. (CBC)
"We've been at this three years now, based on that info we're pleased with where we are, always wanting more, but this is our opportunity to show the vessels and the passengers what we can do in this area of the province, and hopefully they'll bring more business."

The most recent booking is the Adventure Canada, with approximately 175 passengers, set to visit Summerside on June 6.

Looking for side trips

Adventure Canada is also interested in identifying side trips and shore excursions passengers could take with more economic spinoffs outside the city.

"They are interested not only in Summerside, but all the way up to North Cape, so it's a Prince County-wide venture, it gives operators the opportunity to compete in this market," said Croken.

The second cruise ship, the Silver Whisper, will dock in October, and is expected to bring almost 400 passengers to Summerside.