Couple lose everything in house fire

Two people escaped an early morning house fire on the Bangor Road, near Morell, on P.E.I.'s North Shore Thursday.
Fire crews say a retired couple got out of this house with just clothes on their backs. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

A couple who escaped an early morning house fire on the Bangor Road, near Morell, Thursday said they lost everything.

David Boutilier said he was asleep when the fire broke out at 6 a.m. in the back porch of their two-storey farmhouse and it was discovered by his wife Robin.

Smoke was pouring out of the home when the Morell Fire Department responded, with help from the St. Peter's department

The blaze gutted the home and the couple got out with only the clothing they were wearing.

There was a smoke alarm on the main floor of the house, but Boutilier said didn't go off.

"My wife was downstairs. She is always an early riser, but she was on the computer having a cup of coffee and she heard this noise and came out and saw the fire," Boutlier said.

"At that time I was coming downstairs because I'd heard a noise. I thought it was ice at first on the roof, but then I heard a bang and that's what really made me come downstairs."

The couple had insurance.

They expect to demolish the house and rebuild on the same spot, but for now they are looking for a temporary place to live.

Boutilier said his wife lost a lot of family keepsakes.

"One day you wake up and you have everything and then the next minute you have nothing. I hope nobody else goes something like this," Boutlier said. "It's horrible."

The provincial fire marshall is investigating the cause. Dave Rossiter said an electrical inspector will be brought to the site Friday.