Council of the Arts asked to submit externally-reviewed documents

The province is asking the P.E.I. Council of the Arts to submit externally-reviewed financial documents.

Documents are required in order for the arts council to receive government grant money

The province is asking the P.E.I. Council of the Arts to submit externally reviewed financial documents. 

The documents, which are supposed to be submitted to the province each year, are required for the organization to receive grant money from the provincial government. The council hasn't submitted those documents since 2011.

Provincial officials say they warned the council just over a month ago that the documents hadn't been provided, though the council did submit internal financial documents.

Mark Derry, manager of Cultural Affairs for the province, noticed the missing financial information during a recent review when the culture file transferred to the Department of Education from the Tourism Department.

Derry said the department expects organizations' books to get a stamp of approval from an external accredited accountant.

"Once we recognized it, that they were incomplete  ... that's when we addressed the issue with them," he said.

"We've been working collaboratively with them ever since just to kind of get those statements up to where they needed to be."

Acting Council of the Arts chair Jody Racicot declined to do an interview, but said in statement to CBC News the board has faced some significant challenges.

"We've had some staff changes and budget issues, and we are currently performing a thorough financial review of the organization," the statement read.

The province expects to see an accountant's report on the council's books by the end of the month.

The council says it will reveal its financial status at an AGM in mid-October.

The province has given the council approximately $1 million in grant money over the past four years.