Province not appealing Cornwall bypass land expropriation decision

The province had 30 days to appeal arbitration ruling that property owner should get additional $295,389

The ruling last month granted another $295,389 to landowners

The P.E.I. government will not be appealing a ruling that the family of Ellen Jones, which owned the expropriated land and building, should get more compensation. (Brian Higgins/CBC)

The P.E.I. government won't be appealing an arbitration decision about money paid for land expropriated in March for the Cornwall bypass highway.

In August, a P.E.I.Supreme Court Justice ruled that Ellen Jones's family was owed another $295,389 for their 79 acres, house and riding arena. The property is home to the Hughes-Jones Centre, which provides horseback riding lessons and is an equine therapeutic facility.

That money was in addition to the $536,800 originally paid.

The province had 30 days to decide if it would appeal the ruling.

In her decision, the Justice also suggested it might be worth revisiting the P.E.I. statute on expropriation to bring it in line with federal and other provincial legislation when it comes to fair compensation.

The province said it will, "undertake a comprehensive review of the Act to ensure it is thorough."

Ellen Jones can remain on the property, as a tenant, until May 2018.