Confederation Players enjoy roles during Canada 150

It's a busy year to be a Confederation Player, but the troupe is having a great time.

Troupe brings story of Confederation alive for tourists

The Confederation Players troupe perform vignettes, conduct tours and sing to tell the story of Confederation in Charlottetown. (Submitted/Marsha Gallant)

It's a busy year to be a Confederation Player, but the troupe is having a great time.

The players are bringing the story of the Charlottetown Conference, along with the debate over Confederation, to life.

Three of the players — William Millington, Melissa MacKenzie and Alexandre Iannuzzi — told CBC: PEI Mainstreet's Angela Walker they enjoy what they are doing, especially during Canada 150. 

Confederation Players set to perform in Ottawa

"Of all the years to be a player, this would be the one," said Iannuzzi, who is back for a second year playing P.E.I. attorney-general George-Étienne Cartier.

He added that because he loves the Island so much, he doesn't consider the work he does a job.

"It's just so fun to be able to mix history and acting together."  

Interacting with tourists

While the Confederation Players sing, they also walk around and interact with the locals and tourists.

The players also provide historic tours of old Charlottetown.

"The job is to basically teach tourists about our history, about Charlottetown," said Iannuzzi. 

​Confederation Players from left, William Millington, Melissa MacKenzie and Alexandre Iannuzzi are part of the 2017 troupe. (Angela Walker/CBC)

MacKenzie plays Mercy Coles, the daughter of P.E.I.'s first premier, George Coles. She said having a friend who was part of the group helped inspire her to join up. 

"I've always loved Charlottetown but I've learned so much more being part of this troupe," she said. "I also get to do my favourite things like singing and acting and making people sing and being a teacher at the same time. It's really an incredible opportunity." 

William Millington, who is back for a third year as Premier Charles Tupper, is also the music director. He said they are hoping to expand with some new songs. 

"One of the great things about this job is specifically with the music is that you have all these songs you've heard dozens of times...we get them to make young again." 

The Confederation Players perform historical vignettes Tuesday to Saturday at 1 p.m. just to the left of the Young Company amphitheatre. The historic walking tours of Queen Square and Great George Street are offered Tuesday to Saturday. 

The troupe also sings Victorian standards alongside the Confederation Brass on the Centre's Outdoor Plaza on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 11:30 a.m.

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