Pride P.E.I.: Through My Lens

Hannah Jay captures the Pride PEI paradeThrough Her Lens.

Queer photographer Hannah Jay discovers joy and belonging as the community comes together for the Pride parade

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people walking in street at PEI Pride Parade draped in Pride flags
(Hannah Jay photo)
Standing on the edge of Grafton Street and watching everyone flooding the sidewalks to come together in a time to celebrate was a welcoming sight. The community came together beautifully for this year's Pride P.E.I. festival and it never slowed down for a moment.

There was boundless joy, and smiles that said, "You are here as you are and that is all you need to be."

I found myself watching the crowd, wondering who else was there for the first time, finding solace in a community that has created so much space and a place of belonging. 

Woman swirling wearing a Pride rainbow skirt
(Hannah Jay photo)
This was my first Pride parade after coming out as bisexual. I was raised in the church and then left it at 19. Now, at 26, I was looking around me, feeling grateful to have the opportunity to stand here, and express myself fully. 

Some of the attendees walked along with water to cool off the crowd, which was graciously received on one of the hottest days Charlottetown has seen this summer. Umbrellas were in abundance to guard against the high noon sun. Bubbles danced through the crowd, and the rippling wave of flags was accentuating the laughter and music that filled downtown. 

With the sun beaming on our skin, glistening sweat on our brows, and embraces warmer than the July heat, the unending tide of love never wavered.

The last few years of this pandemic have been stark reminders of the power of community support and care.

This care needs to continue if we are to ensure we are all here to celebrate for years to come. Overcome by the vastness of this community, we march on to a future filled with hope. 

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people holding a banner of balloons
(Hannah Jay photo)

man on stilts carrying Pride rainbow flag
(Hannah Jay photo)

man with bike helmet with pink shirt and with Pride rainbow coloured bag over his shoulder
(Hannah Jay photo)

Man in pink hat and shirt holding a water squirting play gun
(Hannah Jay photo)

Drag queens in boat decorated at Pride Parade
(Hannah Jay photo)

Drag queen with long black hair dressed in long black gown
(Hannah Jay photo)

Man walking with flag in parade with large crowd on the side of the street
(Hannah Jay photo)

Two women in colourful hats waving to participants at Pride Parade
(Hannah Jay photo)


Through My Lens is a community series that features the point-of-view stories behind photos from Atlantic Canada. For Pride celebrations this summer, we offer a peek through the lens of LGBTQ+ photographers and share their East Coast Pride.



Hannah Jay


Hannah Jay (she/her) is a photographer based out of Epekwitk (Prince Edward Island). Discovering her identity as a bisexual in her later teens, she turned her lens to portraiture as a way of exploring the self. Her work is inspired by the sociology of photography, through which we embrace modernity and the digital age, while paying homage to the last century of cultural momentum. Her current work is an exploration of identity between the here and there, the past and present, and defining bridges and exploring the spaces in between what was and what continues to be.