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East Coast Poetry Club: Logan Richard

In our fifth week of East Coast Poetry Club, we’re sharing a verse by Logan Richard. The verse is from an unreleased song Richard worked on with fellow Charlottetown musician Dennis Ellsworth.

Read "Better Than a Breakup", a verse from an unreleased song by P.E.I musician Logan Richard

Welcome back to the East Coast Poetry Club. For our fifth week, we're sharing a verse by Logan Richard. Logan lives in Charlottetown, P.E.I., where he's honed his skills as a musician and songwriter for years. Today's verse is from an unreleased track off his upcoming self-titled album. Here, Logan shares some personal insights into his writing process for this piece.

(CBC East Coast)
Logan Richard (Jared Doyle)

Better Than A Breakup has been very dear to me since the day I started writing it.

It is a song for a friend who was struggling to find his way out of the long-term relationship he was in at the time. There was something about him falling back into the relationship because it was comfortable, instead of getting out of it like he wanted to/needed to, that was tough to watch. Realistically, there isn't much worse than a breakup; learning to live on your own, trading back records, finding a new person to text when you need a friend. It sucks, and why go through it when you can just stay with what you know? 

Because we all deserve to be as happy as we can, but sometimes tearing that band-aid off is easier said than done.

I'll be the needle, you be the thread / Let's sew things up, let's go to bed- Logan Richard, "Better Than a Breakup"

This song came together fairly quickly, and I brought it to my good friend Dennis Ellsworth to help me put the finishing touches on it. A song so near and dear to me, needed a master like him to perfect it and help me get it to where I knew it was capable of going. 

Better Than a Breakup 

I'll be the needle, you be the thread
Let's sew things up, let's go to bed
Fixing a broken heart with glue
It's gonna break again, that's just what they do

I'll be the needle, you'll be the spoon
We're not meant to be, but don't go then you'll be gone too soon
I hope I kick this habit someday
Some things you love are bad for you they say

You're building me up, you're breaking me down
We can try it again but what goes around comes around

Join the East Coast Poetry Club on Instagram by visiting @CBC_EastCoast. Now that you've read the verse, here are two questions to consider: 

Can you relate to the verse, even if you've never personally experienced something similar? 

This verse was born out of collaboration. Are creativity and collaboration a natural fit, or something that requires work?

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Logan Richard has been honing his frontman skills from a young age, belting out blues music on stages for outdoor summer café diners on the streets of Charlottetown, P.E.I. In 2017 Richard released his successful debut EP, “The Split", which was nominated for Blues Recording of the Year at the 2019 ECMAs. Stay tuned for his self-titled EP later this year.