Matt Lawrence completes bike trek from P.E.I. to Comic-Con

Matt Lawrence has finished his epic journey, biking from P.E.I. to San Diego to attend Comic-Con.

Cornwall comic fan bikes the entire way to famed San Diego convention

Matt Lawrence made it to San Diego, and attended Comic-Con events on the weekend. (Matt Lawrence)

After three months of cycling, Matt Lawrence from Cornwall, P.E.I., made it to San Diego, California for Comic-Con over the weekend.

The annual convention is nirvana for comic book fans, and those who love all the films, books, costumes and role-playing that goes along with them.

CBC Radio's Island Morning has been checking in with Lawrence on his epic journey, and host Matt Rainnie was able to track him down in the crowds.

Meeting comic publisher Jim Lee was another highlight for Matt Lawrence. (Matt Lawrence)
Lawrence said he was thrilled to arrive, but the last part of the journey was the toughest pedaling.

"It was hot, it was sometimes frustrating on the coast with lots of traffic getting closer and closer," he said. "It was just kind of a roller coaster of emotions sometimes."

But since getting to the convention, it's been nothing but positive, Lawrence said.

Wonderful crowd

"Everyone's super happy, everyone's super excited. The best thing about it is, as you would expect at Comic-Con, there's lots of lines," he said.

"But the best part about these lines is that everyone is so welcoming, everyone is understanding. Like, if you need to go to the washroom, or you need to get something to eat, people say 'Oh yeah, just go, I'll save your spot.' Everyone was just really nice considering how cramped they were. I never really saw a lot of people get agitated with anybody."

One highlight was grabbing a very up-close and personal photo with film director Kevin Smith after an event.

Matt Lawrence lays a kiss on film director Kevin Smith. (Matt Lawrence)
"I stayed around after the show was over, and he said, 'Oh, you wanna get a picture?' And I said sure. And he took my phone and said, 'You're going to be directed by Kevin Smith, man.' And I said, okay."

"He kept on telling me to get closer and closer and closer, and I did and I did and I did, and by that time I was like, you know what? I'm just going to go that extra step and just escalate the situation, so I get all cozy and put my lips on his cheek and kinda put my hand around his mouth, kinda cupping his other side of his cheek."

His passion and love for comic books kept him going over the long journey.

"It's weird and kind of a surreal feeling for me, because I've always been saying it, that I'd do it, and I finally did it, and I'm finally at Comic-Con, and I finally met a few people that I always wanted to meet, so it's all happening all at once, and I'm just kind of like taken aback by it and trying to soak it all in."

Lawrence will have a more relaxing journey home to reflect on his experience. He's flying back to P.E.I. Tuesday.

With files from Island Morning