Charlottetown singers prove choirs can be cool too

A new choir in Charlottetown is singing classic pop and rock songs, instead of traditional choral music.

Singing hits in harmony latest music trend to come to Island

Members of the new Charlottetown singing group, Playing With Choir. (CBC)

A new choir in Charlottetown is attracting a lot of interest, but it's not being organized by a school or a church.

More than 95 people have signed up for Playing With Choir — a modern-day pop choir that's kicking off its first season this Monday at The Guild.

Choirs with a focus on singing hit songs in harmony are popping up all over of late.

"A lot of people like the idea of singing in harmony," said Kirstin Lund, one of the organizers of Playing With Choir.

"If they sing in the car or they mouth the words, or maybe they're singing out at a bar or whatever, when nobody can really hear them, I think people love the idea of singing."

She also pointed to the health benefits of being in a choir.

"There's certainly a lot of research around the impacts of singing and singing in a group," said Lund. "A lot of impacts for mental health, for increased happiness, and I think it makes people feel good."

Singer-songwriter Jill Chandler is creating original arrangements for the choir, and will act as the teacher/director.

The choir will meet every Monday night for seven to 10 week terms to learn songs by artists such as The Chiffons, The Police, The Eagles and U2. There's a registration fee of $70.