Lennox Island 8-year-old hailed as hero after alerting family to fire in their home

An eight year old Lennox Island boy is being hailed a hero after he quickly alerted his family to a fire inside their home.

Canyon Tuplin has been given a hero's medal for his quick reaction to a fire in his home

Lennox Island fire Chief Richard Guimond shakes hands with eight-year-old Canyon Tuplin, who was awarded a hero's medal. (Martina Tuplin)

Eight-year-old Canyon Tuplin was playing in a bedroom in his family's home in Lennox Island June 17 when his hoverboard exploded into flames. 

"The hoverboard was charging and then it started to overheat," he told CBC. "It started smoking and then it blew up." 

Tuplin acted quickly. He ran to alert his aunt, Brianna Butler, who was in the kitchen. 

"Whenever it blew up, I said, 'fire,' said Tuplin. 

"And then everybody ran out of the house."

Nothing but flames 

Canyon Tuplin alerted his family and helped get everyone out of the home safely when his hoverboard erupted in flames. (Martina Tuplin)

Butler, who was babysitting at the time, was able to get all five children who were in the home at the time out safely.

Two more children were playing outside at the time of the fire. 

She credits Tuplin's help with their safe escape. 

"I was doing the dishes and then he told me that there was something smoking in the bedroom," said Butler. 

"So I told him to get the kids out because they were in there playing. And then by the time I had my hands dried and turned around there was nothing but flames shooting everywhere."

Firefighter called to her own home 

Martina Tuplin, Canyon's mother, is a member of the fire department in Lennox Island. She found out about the fire when she was paged by the fire department. 

"I didn't even know until the pager went off," Martina Tuplin told CBC.

"And I was like, just went into panic mode not knowing what was going on, if the kids were outside. It was so scary."

'He knew what to do'

The fire caused extensive smoke damage and the family is unable to stay in the home for the time being. They are staying with family. 

The Lennox Island Fire Department decided to honour Canyon Tuplin for his quick actions. 

He was given a certificate, pin and a medal that reads "hero."

"We are pretty proud that … his instincts took over," said Martina. "He knew what to do."

Canyon told CBC he keeps his medal in a special place and sometimes wears it around his neck. 

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With files from Wayne Thibodeau