Gift suggestions for P.E.I. bookworms

Lori Cheverie of Charlottetown's The Bookmark shares her top five book suggestions for the holiday season.

The top five adult book gift tips for the holiday season

This year's top picks for the holiday season include three books from Island authors. (Lindsay Carroll/CBC)

If you are still looking for a great gift for the book lovers in your life, Lori Cheverie may be able to help. 

The manager of The Bookmark in Charlottetown spoke to CBC Island Morning on Tuesday about her top five adult book tips for the holiday season.

Three of her recommendations include books by Prince Edward Island authors.

1. Testimony: A Memoir by Robbie Robertson

In his autobiography, lead guitarist and songwriter Robbie Robertson of The Band takes the reader from his early childhood years on the Six Nations Indian Reserve in Brantford, Ont., to the streets of Toronto, the Mississippi Delta, and eventually to the forming of The Band.

The book shares many of Robertson's key moments, from hooking up with Bob Dylan to The Band's last performance, featured in the Martin Scorsese film The Last Waltz.

Cheverie said it is one of the bestsellers in her store right now.

"Everybody is looking for it," she said.

2. Over by the Car by David Weale

Over by the Car is a perfect coffee table book that shows the love affair Islanders have with their cars. The book is a collection of vintage black-and-white photographs of families posing in front of their car, with some photos dating back to the 1920's.

Cheverie said people may even discover pictures of family members in the book.

"Everything that happened, happened in front of the car apparently," she said. "There's one picture in here of a family, of a woman and man with their wedding cake, posing in front of the car because it's all just so special."

3. Home Plate, Blue Helmet by Michael Conway

Michael Conway hails from the creative writing program at the University of Prince Edward Island.

In his autobiography, he explores his childhood in Charlottetown's historic East and North end neighbourhoods, his time with the United Nations' peacekeepers, and his eventual return home.

Conway writes about colourful characters, hard-working families and close-knit friendships.

"He is just a wonderful storyteller… whether you know the people he's talking about or not," said Cheverie. "But guaranteed if you grew up in Charlottetown, you knew these people he's talking about." 

4. Vintage Christmas: Holiday stories from Rural PEI by Marlene Campbell

In Vintage Christmas, historical author Marlene Campbell tells 18, non-fiction Christmas stories from people living on the eastern end of Prince Edward Island.

The book includes stories from the 1930s and 1960s, transporting people back to a time of "big city" department stores, cozy barn stalls and unheated farmhouses. 

"Most stories, whether you know the people or not, they are going to make you cry, they are just so heart-warming stories of growing up in the pre-1960s (…) of growing up in rural P.E.I.," said Cheverie.

5. The trouble with Goats and Sheep by Joanna Cannon

Mrs. Creasy is missing and ten-year-olds Grace and Tilly decide to take matters into their own hands and solve the case.

The fictional story takes place in 1970s Great Britain and is the debut book of author Joanna Cannon. Cheverie said it's part coming-of-age, part mystery book, and one of the staff picks at her store.

"They go around and in doing so and interviewing the neighbours, and the stuff that's been brushed under the carpet, and hidden and people avoid talking about things all come out," she said.

With files from CBC Island Morning