Bell Aliant lowers wireless internet pricing

Bell Aliant has capped prices for its wireless internet service on P.E.I. in an effort to satisfy customers left out of a plan to wire the entire province to the World Wide Web.

Bell Aliant on P.E.I. has announced a new price for its wireless internet service after complaints from customers who were left out of a recent provincewide expansion of high-speed internet service.

One hundred residents packed a meeting room Tuesday night in Eastern Kings County to complain about the lack of high-speed service in their area. The Eastern Kings Community Council organized the meeting, inviting local MLAs and representatives from Bell Aliant. 

Bruce Howatt, vice-president of the company on P.E.I., said Bell Aliant was changing its policy for those Islanders who can't have a wired connection to the internet. 

Those residents were being offered a wireless alternative costing up to $100 a month.

"After listening to customers' concerns we have changed our strategy just a bit. And we have put a cap on our wireless service of up to $49.95. That will be available to approved customers we are supplying service to," Howatt told CBC News Wednesday. 

The company will also be providing equipment to those customers for free, and it is lifting the cap on how much information can be downloaded. 

In order to qualify for the reduced rate the customer will have to prove they can't get  wired internet service,  and only one Turbo Stick will be provided per customer.

Howatt explained that existing business customers and those using the Turbo Stick service for travel will have to pay regular prices.  

Eastern Kings resident Valerie Flannery is pleased she'll be able to get an internet connection for her home in North Lake.  

"I think most people were surprised that they came to the meeting and they had a solution to offer when they got there," said Flannery. "The provincial government and Aliant did hear us, and they heard us clearly."

Bell Aliant pledged to make high-speed internet service available to all its customers as part of a recent contract to provide communication services to the province.